NIVRANA Rideshare Car Sign 2-Pack — Better Customer Relations, Higher Ratings and More Tips with a Large Universal Sign, Accessory for Uber Drivers, for Lyft Drivers, Rideshare Drivers


MAKE MORE MONEY - this sign will give your car a more professional look and make your job easier and more profitable! Our customers testify that the increase in tips paid for the sign many times over!.POLITE MESSAGING - Instead of making people uncomfortable with a sign that BEGS for tips, let's focus on great service and customer experience. Only *then* do we ask for max rating and tips..CLEAR GUIDELINES - With beautiful design printed on both sides. This sign explains to your passengers in a clear but friendly way to fasten their seatbelts, not to litter, and so on - so that *you* don't have to!.DURABLE AND UNIVERSAL - 2-pack strong but flexible tip sign for Uber of 8*11 inches, made from sturdy plastic that won't tear or get ruined by water. Each sign is equipped with a 1 yard adjustable length cord, making it easy to hang from the neck rests of any car..SIMPLE SET-UP: It’s a breeze to put up or take down. This makes it easy to switch between personal and work use..UBER DRIVER GIFT - Show your support for the hard-working rideshare driver in your life with a product that will make their life easier!.THIS IS A LARGE SIGN - it measures 8x11 inches - please confirm if that is suitable for you. If you don't want a large sign, consider our Medium sign instead!