Eco Stone Casting Resin Kit – Non-Toxic Plaster of Paris Alternative – Fast Curing & Demolding, Water-Based Formula for DIY – Easy to Use Acrylic Resin Powder Kit (3.6kg, 7.5lbs)


ECO-FRIENDLY AND SUSTAINABLE: Craft with Artisinal Eco Stone, a water-based, non-toxic eco resin casting powder ideal for molds, bowls, marble, jewelry, terrazzo, and more. It's an excellent alternative to Jesmonite powder for experimenting with unique materials.NO WORRY FORMULA: Ensure a safe casting experience with Eco Stone's mineral-based resin casting powder formula, free from harmful chemicals, VOCs, or solvents. This eco-friendly eco resin is an environmentally friendly alternative to resin epoxy.VERSATILE USE: This is what sets us apart from other casting plaster allowing crafters to create shapes or sizes they desire, from simple to daring designs. Cures lighter and stronger as it dries out, use water-based pigments for a rainbow of one-of-a-kind options.EASE OF USE: Whether you're a beginner or a professional, Eco Stone's molding powder makes it a favorite for all. Our easy-to-mix formula creates smooth, lightweight, and opaque castings resembling real stone, meeting artistic and professional demands.SUPERIOR QUALITY: Trust Eco Stone's quality to deliver professional finishes to your sculptures and crafts. Its superior craftsmanship ensures long-lasting results, making it ideal for creating heirloom art pieces cherished for generations