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OUR BRAND: Pillowy provides the highest quality merchandise and unparalleled service. Our bedding accessories come to you backed by decades of experience in the marketplace and product development. We are committed to beautifying your home and keeping every single customer comfortable, healthy, and satisfied. MAKE YOUR BED A COZY HAVEN: Make your pillows the centerpiece of your bedding ensemble. Set off your sheets, bed covers and throws with plump pillows that never sag, wrinkle or crease. Your bed will always look stylish and inviting. After a long day at work, you'll want these pillows to lull you to sleep. EXPERIENCE 5 STAR LUXURY AT HOME: Pull back the sheets and rest your head on a cloud. Fluffy microbead pillows, along with their silky covers, will give your bedroom the feel of a 5 star hotel. Room service might not be available, but luxurious comfort will be waiting at the head of your bed. KIND TO HAIR AND FACE: You'll never wake up with knotted hair or red, irritated skin. These supersoft pillow covers are designed to treat you gently and let you sleep without interruption. A hidden zipper ensures the smoothest of surfaces and prevents snags. HYGIENIC AND DURABLE: These pillows are as practical as they are beautiful. They will retain their fluffiness and shape for many nights of dreamy sleep. Microbeads are resistant to dust and irritants that can cause allergies or discomfort. If you've been waking in the middle of the night from hot, sore neck muscles this cooling pillow is the remedy. Features: FOREVER FLUFFY: You'll want the Pillowy Pillow's fluffy support cradling your head every night. No more 3 a.m. wakeups to plump a flat, lumpy pillow. This pillow stays resilient and supportive while you sleep soundly. QUALITY CRAFTSMANSHIP AND MATERIALS: The high tech microbead filling adjusts to your every movement. A silky cover made with 85% nylon and 15% spandex is soft and smooth to the touch. Everything about this pillow says sound sleep. LIGHT WEIGHT AND HYGIENIC: Microbead pillows resist dust, irritants and allergens. Millions of tiny beads allow air to circulate through the pillow keeping you both cool and cozy. Your head and neck muscles can relax through the night. Silk Satin Feel Pillowcase helps Hair and Skin. Slippery and smooth texture to protect your skin against the facial sleep lines that could become deep wrinkles. Silk feel allows less friction of your hair and reduces hair breakage. UNIQUELY COMFORTABLE: If you've been sleeping on foam, feather or polyester pillows, you'll find that a microbead pillow offers unique comfort with just the right amount of firmness and give. Side, stomach and back sleepers can all use this pillow happily. 100 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We want our customers to love this pillow as much as we do. If you're not satisfied, return your pillow within 100 days of purchase for a refund.


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