Western Star Tetherball Game Set - Soft-Touch Tether Ball with Durable Pole and Attached Rope- Indoor, Outdoor, Yard - Easy Attach & Play - A Classic Family Outdoor Game for Kids (Tetherball Game Set)


Encourage your kids to spend more time outdoors with a fun game of tetherball! With our tetherball set, you have everything you need to start playing with the whole family. This Soft Touch Tetherball by Western Star made from high quality durable materials, making it perfect for kids and adults alike..No More Painful Hands - Playing shouldn't be painful. This is why our tetherball ball is made with a soft rubber outer shell that's smooth but also durable. Your kids will be able to play for hours on end..Outdoor Fun For the Whole Family - Our tetherball set is as a fun and engaging way to encourage outdoor play for the whole family! Enjoy a classic game that never goes out of style..Soft and Durable - The tetherball ball and rope are made of tough rubber and nylon material, respectively. Each ball has a butyl bladder inside that offers better air and shape retention. Despite being tough, our balls are still made for kids with soft hands. Easily deflate the ball to get an appropriate firmness..The Western Star team takes pride in having over 30 years of experience distributing excellent athletic equipment and ball varieties for sports-and-recreation-lovers of all ages. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.