Progressive Automations High Speed Linear Actuator - 2 Inch 50 lbs Mini Linear Actuator - 12V Linear Actuator - Electric Actuator - Actuator for Table Lift Automation Standing Desk


Must-have actuator for agriculture, home automation, cabinetry, and robotics. It's easy to install and integrate with just about any application, the PA-14 can be used in woodworking, home improvement and AV projects..Use our actuator products for an improved ergonomic experience. It can be used on massage recliners, electric wheelchairs, hospital adjustable beds, massage tables or electric sofa..12 Volt linear actuators are rugged and durable and can withstand harsh working environments. They can also be used in smart home applications, thus providing a smooth integration with compatible systems..One electric actuator is faster and easier to install than multiple hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders. Compare zero maintenance electric actuators against the fluid replacement, leak repairs and other routine maintenance needed to support hydraulic systems..Support team of engineers are skilled to help you with your product integration.