FoRapid 60"/150cm BMI Tape Measure Body Mass Index Anatomical Measuring Tape+Built-in BMI Calculator Retractable Body Fat Measuring Tape Diet Ruler Weight Loss Accurate Durable Fiberglass Vinyl Tape


60"/1.5M BMI Anatomical Measuring Tape+BMI Calculator - Easy & accurate BMI/body circumference measurements. Excellent for professional and personal use, this 2in1 tool is a great incentive gift for fitness coaches, nurses, doctors, men, women, etc..Built-in BMI Scale - Allows instant reading of CV disease risk factor. Dial the wheel, align weight (KG) to height (meters) for BMI number in window to see if you are underweight/healthy/overweight/obese. Great for tracking a diet/workout regimen!.Lightweight Soft & Flexible - Accurate waist measuring tape to measure circumference of neck, chest, biceps, forearms, abdomen, waist, thighs, calves, hips, etc. Perfect for tracking fitness progress at the fitness center, doctors office or at home!.Convenient Push-Button Retraction & Locking Design - Retract the body fat measuring tape by pressing the button at the center, simply pulling the body tape measure will keep the measurement locked in place..Eco-Friendly, Durable & Portable – The retractable vinyl tape measure is made from fiberglass and vinyl with hard ABS plastic casing. Tape width: 14mm. Plastic case diameter: 7.3cm/2.75", height: 2.2cm / 0.78".



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