Sawyer 8.75" Spacing Wedge; Metal Wedges for Pipe Welding Tools, Hardened Steel Welding Accessories for Pipe Spacer Wedge Fitting, Tig Welding, Bar Wedge Pipe Tools for Pipe Fitting Welding, (Large)


PRECISE WELDING GAP: The Sawyer Spacing Tool is designed for fast and accurate welding when fitting pipes. With a maximum thickness of ¼” and a longer blade space than standard pipe fitting tools, you can spread the gap to the exact desired width and accommodate a range of different sizes. Quickly produce consistent results with an accurate gap every time!.DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Invest in a better metal wedge spacing tool. Sawyer produces a taper-pointed spacing wedge that is harder and more reliable than traditional spacing tools made of hardened spring steel. The fortified material of our steel wedge guarantees it will resist bending or deforming under strain, while also reducing wear and tear on any additional tools used in conjunction with the spacing wedge welding tool..HOW TO USE: Before using the spacing wedge, it's crucial to align the pipes properly, use with a Sawyer clamp for easy set up. With the pipes clamped in place, insert the tapered end of the spacing pipe wedge tool to expertly widen the welding gap to the desired width. The angled tip of the spacing wedge seamlessly accommodates any pipe diameter, providing superior spacing for a precise weld every time. You can trust our tool wedges for welding to get the job done!.APPLICABLE USES: Made in the USA, the Spacing Tool and Short Spacing Tool work alongside the clamps, pipe welding accessories and tools, and other specialist equipment from Sawyer to deliver an unbeatable fit-up requirement and provide a seamless fit-up solution for any welding job..ABOUT SAWYER Sawyer Manufacturing Company, based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is an international supplier of welding and pipeline equipment. Our success is driven by the unwavering dedication of our team, who are passionately committed to the company, our equipment, and our consumer base. Through a strong commitment to manufacturing high-quality products and offering personalized customer service Sawyer has established itself as an industry standard.



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