TIME-CAP LABS, INC. Timely Acetaminophen 650 MG - 400 Caplets - Extended Release - Compared to Tylenol 8 HR Arthritis Pain Active Ingredient - Joint Pain Relief, Pain Reliever & Arthritis Pain Relief


Relieve Minor Aches and Pains ... Toothache? Backache? Acetaminophen relieves minor aches and pains due to headache, backache, toothache, the common cold, minor pain of arthritis, muscular aches, and premenstrual and menstrual cramps..Let That Fever Subside ... Dealing with a fever? Acetaminophen temporarily reduces fever, and relieves those aches and pains caused by minor pain of arthritis..Highest Quality at Great Prices ... These OTC medications & treatments provide the same efficacy as your usual branded acetaminophen extended release. After all, your health shouldn't come at a cost..One in Every Medicine Cabinet ... Make sure every medicine cabinet and first-aid kit has these great pain relief tablets. 400 caplets are plenty enough to provide long-term relief for the family..An Easy Way to Be Pain-Free … Find prolonged relief in a bottle of this Arthritis Pain Relief Acetaminophen 650mg. Take as directed on the bottle.



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