Smoke Trails BBQ BRISKET RUB | BBQ Rub for Texas Brisket by Steve Gow | Great on Brisket, Beef Short Ribs, Steaks, and more


TEXAS-STYLE BBQ RUB WITH A TWIST - This Texas BBQ-inspired rub focuses on heavy salt & pepper with next-level ingredients that will take your brisket game to the next level.INSANE BARK & TEXTURE - This rub contains sumac, a dried and crushed berry used by some Texas pitmasters as a secret ingredient; It will give your brisket a light lemony twang and a darker bark from the natural sugars in the sumac that caramelize on the brisket.NEXT-LEVEL FLAVOR - A special blend of salt, pepper, garlic, onion, msg, beef stock, grilled meat flavor, sumac and other ingredients will give your brisket that "WOW" factor that will have your guests asking what your secret is



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