ZigZag Games Lies, Bribes & Alibis - A Fun Party Card Game for Date Nights, College Bashes, Friendly Gatherings and Game Nights - Free Bonus Included


PARTY OR GAME NIGHT READY: Perfect for all occasions including college parties, game nights, date nights, adult family and friend gatherings, beach excursions, or any other legal gathering EXCLUDING political rallies, polo matches, short parades, and serious clown conventions..ORIGINAL PARTY GAME: We are the OG of party games as this game was first played by real law students many years back. Ok, not the law students that you would want to hire to defend your grandmother from tax evasion or murder or something, but the cool ones you would probably want to hang with or ask to be in your bridal party..ADULT CONTENT: Some adult themes and topics so no kiddies, grandparents, crazy aunts, smelly friends, or loud pets. On second thought, we would allow crazy aunts since they usually come bearing gifts of food and/or money..SIMPLE BUT FUN: Players offer lies, bribes, and alibis as they face hilarious criminal charges. The judge picks the best effort and awards freedom to that player. The rest of the group is off to jail for probably eternity or until they say “sorry” and promise never to do it again..MOTHER TESTED - MOTHER APPROVED: Ok maybe not, but the one mother we did talk to stated that her son should have gone to law school and that he needs to get married while she is still alive. If that isn’t the best endorsement of our game, then you know nothing about the game-approval process and should probably read a book on the subject before you pass judgement..FREE BONUS INCLUDED: 5 blank crime cards included so that you can create your own crazy caper!



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