AUTO PRO DIY 11 Piece Car Detailing Kit Set - Car Wheels, Exterior, Interior Cleaning Detail Supplies - Boars Hair, Stainless Steel Wire, Duster Brushes


Detail your car as seen on YouTube with this awesome detailing brush set..Clean Wheels, Interior, Exterior: Our 11-piece car detailing set is perfect for keeping your car looking as good as new! Reach tight spaces and difficult-to-reach areas with the 6 boar hair brushes. The 3 wire brushes are perfect for scrubbing away rust and grime on metal parts.Easy To Use: Looking for a high-quality brush? Look no further than AUTO PRO DIY's car detailing brush set. Made with durable materials and featuring comfortable grips, our brushes are perfect for all your detailing needs. Unique holes on the top of the handles allow you to hang the brush after use for convenient storage. Shop now and get your detailing done right!.6 Boar Hair Detailing Brushes: Natural boar hair bristles are firm yet gentle on all surfaces. Ideal for cleaning car's wheels, engine bay, interior surfaces, hard-to-reach areas, and more! The bristles are soft enough to not scratch or mar any surface..Detailing Wire Brushes: Our AUTO PRO DIY 3 Wire Brush Set offers three different types of brushes, perfect for any type of dirt or grime on metals and hard surfaces. Our brass brush is perfect for cleaning delicate metal surfaces without scratching, our nylon brush is great for general gentle scrubbing & cleaning, and the stainless steel brush is excellent for tougher heavy-duty jobs..Dust Vents Like A Pro: Our multi-purpose double-sided vent duster is a perfect tool for keeping your vents dust-free! It allows you the convenience of being able to clean both sides without having change tools, saving time and effort! The reverse side includes bristles for removing crumbs in hard-to-reach places like your seats. Our vent dust brush is a must-have for all car owners!



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