Afghan Royal Saffron, exceptional saffron threads, safron, extra super negin saffron, saffron spice, saffron tea, saffron rice, kesar saffron,organic saffron threads with saffron powder (2 Grams)


Highest quality safron extra super negin saffron Grade A+, saffron threads direct from our farms, Natural saffron spice, 100% pure kesar saffron, no Perservatives No additives..Amazing saffron spice with great color power, saffron threads rich in smelling and tasting, safron direct from our farms kesar saffron threads for paella rice, with saffron powder extra.Why our safron? Winner of gold award by International taste awards,Italy, Amazing saffron with great color power, saffron threads rich in smelling and tasting, exceptional saffron spice.Afghan royal saffron is best for saffron tea, saffron rice, safron for paella saffron spice for saffron tea bags, persian tea, saffron threads for cooking needs such as paella rice, Rissoto, azafran en polvo.Our safron is selected as the excellent saffron spice of the year by Italy’s leading food and beverage tasters, winner of top 50 award saffron threads, winner of Judges Award kesar saffron spice.Always Fresh saffron spice, at Afghan Royal Saffron we always select our most recent saffron threads (crocus Sativus )flower since we have chosen the best saffron seeds for planting safron in our farms.100% Satisfaction, Afghan Royal Saffron cares for it’s customers ,your happiness is much important for us ,if not satisfied with our safron or saffron threads just contact us directly for refund.Afghanistan Safron – For cultivation of high quality Saffron threads we plant saffron bulbs safron ,kesar saffron in a most traditionally way by hand no use of machinery at all for saffron spice.Safron usage- use 5 gr saffron threads weekly to have delicious foods, bomba rice for paella, kesar saffron, persian rice, spanish food, paella rice, saffron powder of saffron spice is easiest way.Compared to iranian saffron or safron spanish our safron , saffron threads are organic saffron grown since we don't use chemical fertilizers in our lands for kesar saffron powder , saffron spice



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