Coin Collector 1971 – 1978 Complete BU Eisenhower Silver Dollars 32-Coin Set
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"1971 – 1978 Complete BU Eisenhower Silver Dollars 32-Coin Set Bring a cherished new addition to your collection with this complete set of Eisenhower Dollars. The set includes 32 different Eisenhower Dollars from the years 1971-1978, representing every year they were minted. An elegant, custom cherry wood finish presentation case (17L"" x 12""W x 2""H) houses the coins. The case features a crushed blue velvety interior with custom slots for each coin. The coins are protected in individual acrylic air-tight containers. They also come with a Certificate of Authenticity. The brilliant 21 uncirculated coins and 11 proof coins are from all three U.S. Mints. What You Get 1971-Philadelphia, 1971-Denver and 1971-San Francisco (Silver) 1972-Philadelphia, 1972-Denver and 1972-San Francisco (Silver) 1973-Philadelphia, 1973-Denver and 1973-San Francisco (Silver) 1974-Philadelphia, 1974-Denver and 1974-San Francisco (Silver) 1976-Philadelphia (Type 1), 1976-Philadelphia (Type 2), 1976-Denver (Type 1), 1976-Denver (Type 2) and 1976-San Francisco (Silver) 1977-Philadelphia, 1977-Denver 1978-Philadelphia, 1978-Denver   1971-San Francisco (Silver) 1972-San Francisco (Silver) 1973-San Francisco, 1973-San Francisco (Silver) 1974-San Francisco, 1974-San Francisco (Silver) 1976-San Francisco (Type 1), 1976-San Francisco (Type 2) and 1976-San Francisco (Silver) 1977-San Francisco 1978-San Francisco Good to Know Only the coins are produced by the United States mint; none of the other features of the item relate to the United Sates mint"



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