High Chair Pad, High Chair Cushion, Cute Pattern, Comfortable Seat Belt Design, Soft and Comfortable Seat Cushion Breathable Pad, Baby Sits More Safe and Comfort(Gray Animal Pattern)


Our high chair cushions are made of natural high-quality cotton material. The backrest is 39 cm / 15.35 inches long, the bottom is 26.5 cm / 10.4 inches long, and the bottom is 30 cm / 11.8 inches wide. Soft and comfortable. Let your baby feel very comfortable on the hard high chair. (Compared with traditional cushions, our high chair cushions are smaller in size. Before buying, please consider whether our cushion is suitable according to the style and size of your high chair. Thanks!)..Brand:Kocpudu.Wide range of applications: Our high chair covers are only suitable for some high chairs and baby dining chairs. There are many high chairs on the market. Our high chair cushion is specially designed for some of the high chair cushions, and the size is smaller than traditional high chair cushions. So before buying, please consider whether it is suitable for use according to the style and size of the high chair. Thanks!.Anti-slip design:Our high chair cushion has three anti-slip designs.The tail and back have easy-to-tear straps,and the top of the back has a high chair cover design (Suitable for high chairs with small backrests).Used to fix the high chair to prevent the cushion from sliding. The baby will be more comfortable sitting on it..Cute pattern design:The baby high chair cushion has a cute Grey animal pattern.The cute graphic design makes babies like it and makes babies look cute.The colors are bright and charming.Add some color to the ordinary high chair..More comprehensive design: Our baby high chair cushion has a comfortable cushion protection design on both sides, which provides better wrapping and more comfort for the baby on the high chair. In addition, the high chair cushion also has a comfortable seat belt design.Prevent fall and injury, safer to use.