UnderCover LUX Tonneau Cover UC1186L-G9K

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For the ultimate accessory to any stealthy street truck, consider the LUX Tonneau Cover from UnderCover, offering exceptional style, security, and durability. The LUX Tonneau Cover is a premium, one-piece bed cover manufactured from high-grade ABS plastic, unlike most crack and chip-prone fiberglass one-piece tonneau covers. UnderCover paints each tonneau cover in-house to your pickup's factory paint code, ensuring a flawless match and quick turnaround! Where one-piece tonneau covers often fall short is rigidity; often, they twist, turn, and bend while open, placing additional stress on struts and the cover itself. UnderCover has engineered a solution with its premium hard cover, utilizing a proprietary "X-Effect Infrastructure" to stiffen the tonneau cover, preventing excess deflection. If cargo protection is a concern, fear not! The UnderCover LUX Tonneau Cover features a weatherproof design with a full perimeter seal and wrap-around edges, keeping moisture and dust at bay | UnderCover LUX Tonneau Cover UC1186L-G9K