'No.9 St. Ians Imperial & Ancient Golf Course' Framed Graphic Art Print
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'No.9 St. Ians Imperial & Ancient Golf Course' Framed Graphic Art Print is a stern finish to one of the world's legendary courses. There is little to say that is not readily apparent. Great distance, great accuracy and great finesse are crucial. The green, 160 feet above the sea, sits cheek by jowl with a 600-year-old clubhouse that was once a Scottish Stronghold. The hole has yielded but 3 birdies in 4 centuries. Number 3 handicap. Each lithograph print includes a subtitle giving the hole's name, yardage and par. It also includes a brief description of the hole and its handicap, showcasing the artist's tongue-in-cheek humor as well. These 'Infamous 18' golf holes are whimsical renderings of the artist's imagination, carving fantastic golf courses into wonders such as Machu Picchu and the Grand Canyon. This unique series of paintings from an artist and golfer may have changed the way golf courses are constructed forever. In 1972, the artist completed his first golf painting, 'Victoria Falls Golf Club'. 17 more holes followed over the next 10 years that were to be the 18 Infamous Golf Holes. This whimsical golf art series first appeared in Golf Digest Magazine and later were featured internationally in Reader's Digest Magazine. They have appeared and been featured on numerous television talk shows and have been distributed throughout the world.