AccuBANKER D585 Multi-Scanix Counterfeit Currency Detector, Multi-Orientation Feeding System, Banknote Verification, Multi-Currency Detection (USD, EUR, GBP), Visual and Audible Alerts


MULTI-DIRECTIONAL FEEDING SYSTEM: It has 4-way orientation insertion that allows you to insert bills in any direction while still being able to recognize its denomination, making it one of our most versatile counterfeit detectors..PROGRAMMED FOR MULTIPLE CURRENCIES: Identifies, detects, and counts with the latest in multi-currency identification technology for USD, EUR, GBP..BATTERY POWERED FOR PORTABILITY: Internal rechargeable lithium battery lasts up to 12 hours for added convenience and portability .AUTOMATIC DETECTION IN UNDER A SECOND: D585 counts while detecting suspicious bills and can be easily updated for new bill releases..COMPACT AND EASY TO USE: Perfect for small & tight spaces. Detachable magnetic bill guider for smaller bills and has high-resolution LCD screen for detailed on-screen report.