Rhode Island Novelty 5.5" Lizards

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Contains - 5.5 Inch lizards, PVC material, assorted colors and designs..Fun - Fake lizards can provide amusement through harmless pranks. Place them strategically to surprise friends or create a playful atmosphere. Their lifelike appearance adds humor and entertainment to moments of fun and surprise..Occasions - Fake lizards are versatile props for pranks and entertainment. Use them on April Fools' Day for hilarious surprises, in Halloween decorations for spooky ambiance, or as playful additions to tropical-themed parties, adding whimsy and laughter to various occasions. Perfect for animal or reptile themed parties!.Gift Idea - Give the gift of laughter with fake lizards. Ideal for prank-loving friends, they provide endless amusement on birthdays or as a humorous surprise. A unique and lighthearted present to bring smiles and giggles.Perfect for reptile enthusiasts!.Ages 3+ - This product is recommended for ages 3 and up.



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