Vudu Weedless Shrimp - 3-1/2″ - New Penny
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Big sea trout and reds love to hang in grassthe thicker, the better. With the Vudu Weedless Shrimp, you'll have no trouble getting hooked up inside the cover. This innovative, high-attraction bait comes pre-rigged, Texas-style, on a weighted swim hook, ready to tie on and toss toward the mat. The Vudu Shrimp's segmented TPE body features a stretchable through-body weave for supple movement with maximum strength, with a built-in head rattle that adds alluring sound to the tail-kicking action. Slow sink; glow-in-the-dark eyes. Rigged on a premium Mustad 3/0 hook. Great for trout and reds in grass Pre-rigged, Texas-style, on a weighted swim hook Segmented TPE body with stretchable through-body weave Lifelike tail-kicking action Built-in rattle for added sound attraction Glow-in-the-dark eyes Premium Mustad 3/0 hook