Optimum Power Clean - 1 Gallon, All Purpose Car Cleaner, Exterior and Interior Car Cleaner, Car Leather Cleaner, Vinyl Cleaner, Bug and Tar Remover, Great for Boat, Motorcycle, RV, and Car Detailing


Power Clean Packs a Powerful Punch: Power Clean is formulated with special polymers and emulsifiers that break down and dissolve stuck-on bugs and power through brake dust, oil, and tar residues—lifting away containments at the molecular level. For more sensitive interior surfaces, Power Clean can be diluted and still offer the same deep cleaning effect without damaging the original finishes..Versatile All Purpose Car Cleaning Applications: Use at full-strength solution as an engine cleaner, bug and tar remover, and wheel and tire cleaner; or dilute to clean more delicate surfaces, like painted surfaces, dashboard, leather, wheels, and vinyl. Power Clean solution spray will spread into cracks and crevices and lift out hard-to-reach dust and grime..Concentrated Formula Recommended Dilution Ratios: Use as a powerful engine bay cleaner or bug and tar remover for cars, motorcycles, and RV's at full-strength. For use as a tire and wheel cleaner, apply at full-strength or dilute to 1 part Power Clean to 3 parts water (1:3). For best results when cleaning painted surfaces, plastic, dashboard, leather, and vinyl, dilute at 1:3 up to a 1:10 mix ratio..Tackle Tough Jobs with an Easy Application: Simply dilute to the recommended ratio, spray the cleaning solution onto the desired area and agitate exterior surfaces with a damp ONR towel and rinse. For use as a car interior cleaner, spray the diluted solution onto interior panels, agitate and wipe away with a damp ONR towel. For use as a leather car seat cleaner or vinyl cleaning solution, spray on the diluted solution and wipe away!.Not Just for Car Cleaning: Power Clean is perfect for use as an all-around motorcycle cleaner, boat cleaner, RV cleaner, and general-use leather and vinyl cleaner..Proudly Made in the USA: Optimum Polymer Technologies proudly develops and manufactures all car detailing products, including Power Clean, in Memphis, Tennessee.



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