Cafe La Llave Espresso Aluminum Capsules, 10 ct, 1.87 oz | CVS
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Our process makes a difference. As our family learned on our coffee estate in Cuba nearly 150 years ago, care is the most important step in cultivating quality coffee. That simple idea is what makes Don Francisco's Coffee and Cafe La Llave different to this day. We are involved at each step of the process-- from sourcing high quality coffees to personally cupping samples each morning to our commitment to empowering sustainability. It is this careful attention to detail that allows us to ensure you are getting the best quality coffee in your cup. INTENSELY AROMATIC, RICH AND BOLD: a dark-roasted Latin-style espresso. It is a full-bodied, highly aromatic and balanced espresso. Intensity Level 11. NOW IN ALUMINUM CAPSULES: Aluminum provides the best barrier against oxidation and maintains coffee freshness, aroma, and flavor. RECYCLABLE COFFEE PODS: Caf La Llave aluminum capsules are recyclable through our partnership with TerraCycle. COMPATIBLE WITH NESPRESSO ORIGINAL LINE BREWERS: Specially engineered for Nespresso Original Line brewers to deliver a high-quality and consistent espresso, shot after shot. OVER A CENTURY of Latin-tradition in every cup: Our roots in coffee goes back over 140 years to our family's coffee estate in the hills of Trinidad, Cuba. OUR ROASTING facility operates at the highest standards as we adhere and comply with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and SQF Food Safety and Quality Regulations.


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