Texas Instruments CXII TI-Nspire CAS Graphing Calculator, Black (NSCXCASII/TBL)
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Find exact mathematical solutions quickly with this advanced graphing calculator. Dynamic linking connects multiple documents so it's easy to observe how changing a variable in one document affects other mathematical forms. Import photos digitally to overlay them with graphs and easily calculate the math of actual objects such as churches, bridges, and other large structures, which makes this calculating device ideal for architects and engineers. The drop-down menus are simple to navigate while working on complex projects, and it's easy to edit and save all data for reference in future calculations. This Texas Instruments handheld calculator displays graphs and is an excellent tool for exploring and designing geometric figures. Explore math expressions in symbolic form, see patterns, and understand the math behind the formulas. Comes in black color. 1-year manufacturer limited warranty. Graphing calculator offers 3. 2" LCD display for showing graphs and charts. 102400KB ROM memory and 65536KB RAM memory capacity to tackle complex computing. Package contents: hard case, USB cable, unit-to-unit USB cable. Built-in USB port makes data transfer to your computer easy for deeper data analysis. Safety Data Sheet . Computer algebra system (CAS) enables a deeper understanding of abstract concepts in math and science. Battery-operated for portability. Hexadecimal, octal, binary, random number, trigonometry, permutation, combination, scroll, and other functions help you solve a variety of mathematical problems. Streamline financial calculations with amortization, cash flow, time value of money (TVM), net future value (NFV), and modified internal rate of return (MIRR) functions. Graphing functions including 3D graphing, polar, sequence, zoom, trace, parametric plot, bar plots, and much more. Dimensions: 0. 79"H x 3. 54"W x 7. 48"D. Preloaded apps include Notes, Calculator, Geometry, Lists & Spreadsheet, Data & Statistics, and Vernier DataQuest. Solve various types of complex equations using this Texas Instruments TI-Nspire handheld graphing calculator. Computerized Algebra System Focuses on the Theory Behind the Equation The TI NSPIRE-CX CAS offers a Computerized Algebra System (CAS) that enables a deeper understanding of abstract concepts in math and science, making this calculator ideal for professionals or academics who deal in abstract physics or other sciences. Large Color Screen Offers a Rich Data Presentation The Texas Instruments TI-Nspire CX CAS Graphing Calculator delivers output on a large display. Graphics are delivered in color to give your data a richer presentation that's easier to read and understand. Multiple Visual Representations of Data Offer Options for Display The TI NSPIRE-CX CAS offers six different graph styles and 15 colors, allowing users to customize visual displays of data, differentiate between lines, axis, and other objects. Easy to Carry in Backpack, Purse, or Pocket The Texas Instruments TI-Nspire CX CAS Graphing Calculator is extremely slim and light, meaning that you can easily leave it between the pages of a math book or carry it in your pocket. You can even save what you're doing on the calculator and upload your work to a Mac or PC so that it can be included in other projects. Package Contents Texas Instruments TI NSPIRE-CX CAS Graphing Calculator, rechargeable battery, USB cable, and user's manual.



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