Berkley Slobberknocker Bladed Jig, 1/2 oz. Green Pumpkin, Fishing Lure
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BERKLEY SLOBBERKNOCKER BLADED JIG: Featuring a completely unique Head-to-Blade connection design. Fine-tuned to deliver consistent vibration and remain engaged through heavy cover, it’s the ultimate in bladed jigs for bass fishing and more. HAND-TIED, POWERBAIT INFUSED SILICONE SKIRT: Backed by science, the signature hand-tied Berkley silicone skirt infused with PowerBait flavor helps to ensure that every fish that bites will hold on longer, so you can put more fish in the boat. TALON STYLE TRAILER KEEPER secures bait without tearing. The soft plastic trailer generates action and disturbance to attract fish and encourage strikes. SHARP AND STOUT FUSION19 HOOK: Equipped with a sticky sharp Fusion19 hook for easy penetration and great holding ability, so your baits stay locked and secure. PREMIUM COLOR SELECTION: To match the hatch, there are 12 premium forage matching colorways to choose from based off fishing preferences and environments. A chip-resistant paint finish keeps the design fresh. PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: Lure Size: 3/8oz. Color: Green Pumpkin. Swimming Depth: Suitable for heavy cover. Equipped withFusion19 Hook. Available in multiple sizes and colors for a variety of species. EASY-TO-USE LURE: Easy to customize to your fishing technique, the bladed casting jig works similar to a crankbait to create an imitation of a fleeing baitfish and trigger a reaction strike. OUR STORY: The Berkley story involves hard work and struggle leading to unexpected success. The research and development that goes into our products results in innovative fishing gear with one purpose: to help you catch more fish.



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