Michigan Peat 25 Lbs | 223350
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Keep your potted plants strong and healthy with the Baccto General Purpose Premium Potting Soil from Michigan Peat. This premium potting soil mix can be used for a variety of planters, pots, and other containers. The all-purpose potting soil blend features advanced, proven ingredients like rick dark reed sedge peat, perlite, and sand. The blend ensures successful growth for vegetables or flowers in containers or raised garden beds. Perlite has a neutral pH level and is able to absorb some water while the rest drains freely, improving root health for your vegetables, flowers, plant cuttings, and more. The perlite in the mix also supports aeration and lets beneficial insects like earthworms move through the garden. Perlite does not decompose, making this mix an ideal option for plants that you need to repot frequently, like succulents. Enjoy strong, healthy growth in your raised garden beds, pots, planters, and other containers with the Michigan Peat General Purpose Premium Potting Soil. Michigan Peat 25 Lbs | 223350