SABRE Home Security System with Remote, 125dB Alarm, Audible Up to 850 Feet (259 Meters), Wireless, Comes with 1 Motion Sensor Alarm, 2 Door or Window Alarms and 1 Remote Key Fob, Home and Away Modes


ATTENTION GRABBING ALARM: Ear-piercing 125dB siren is audible up to 850-feet (259-meters). Loud siren helps to deter an intruder and alerts you and your family, helping you to escape to safety.COMPREHENSIVE SECURITY SOLUTION: (2) Door/Window Sensors help to secure your main entry ways and (1) Motion Sensor Alarm secures the most vulnerable area of your home and help prevent intruders from gaining access to bedrooms. Motion sensor has a wide 100-degree angle of detection with a 26-foot (8-meter) range, setting off the alarm if movement is detected.MULTIPLE SECURITY SETTINGS: Home mode arms the door and window alarms, allowing you to move about your home securely. Away mode arms the door and window alarms and motion detector for complete home security while you’re gone..CONTROL YOUR SYSTEM REMOTELY: Arm and disarm the system from a distance using the key fob remote control. 30-second exit delay is activated remotely, allowing you to come and go without setting off the alarm.AFFORDABLE HOME SECURITY: Wireless do-it-yourself home security system installs in minutes. Included wall mounts make placement around your home quick and easy. No activation or monitoring fees saves you money, providing protection at no additional costs.



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