Drano Snake Plus Tool + Gel System - 16oz
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Drano® Snake Plus Drain Cleaning Kit is a simple, two part solution for unclogging your drain. Drano® paired a 23-inch flexible snake drain clog remover tool with its most powerful drain opener gel to clear your drain the first time guaranteed or it’s free. See snake unclogger packaging for more details. Use the snake drain cleaner tool to knock clogs loose, then pour Drano® Hair Buster Gel down your drain to clear the clog away. The concentrated gel pours straight through standing water and works fast to restore your drain to a free-flowing state. Drano® Snake Plus is tough on hair, soap scum, and other gunk, but safe for all pipes. Our pipe unclogger tool kit works best when used together on stubborn bathtub clogs, slow draining showers, and more. Clogs happen, but with Drano® you and your drains are unstoppable. DIRECTIONS FOR USE: STEP 1: Use the 23-inch tool to loosen the clog. Insert the tool into the drain opening as far as it will go. Never force the tool into the drain. Note: some drain stoppers may need to be removed to accommodate the tool. Move the tool up and down two inches to better loosen the clog. Carefully remove the tool from the drain as there may be attached clog material. For sanitary purpose, immediately dispose of the tool before proceeding to Step 2. Do not attempt to use the tool after pouring the clog remover down the drain, as the gel could splash up during tool use. STEP 2: Pour the concentrate gel down the drain to clean out clog material. After discarding the tool, slowly pour entire contents of the bottle down the drain. Allow the gel to work for 30 minutes. Flush with hot water to clean away any remaining clog material. USES: safe for bathroom, kitchen, and other drains like laundry sinks. WARNINGS: Do not mix DRANO® GEL with other household cleaners as hazardous gases may be released. If gases are released, leave area immediately—ventilate if possible. DANGER: KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. CAN CAUSE BURNS ON CONTACT. HARMFUL IF SWALLOWED. Contains sodium hydroxide and sodium hypochlorite. Avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothing. Wash thoroughly after handling. Thoroughly clean clothing before reuse. Avoid breathing vapors. Use only with adequate ventilation. INGREDIENTS: Water; Sodium Hypochlorite; Sodium Hydroxide; Myristamine Oxide; Palmitamine Oxide; Sodium Caprate; Sodium Silicate; Sodium Laurate; Lauramine Oxide; Sulfonated Polystyrene. SCJ Formula # 35*37950