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Grooming brand Flamingo is done beating around the bush

Bush 2020? This campaign is NOT what you think. Flamingo is tackling the stigma around women’s body hair one prickly conversation — and innovative product — at a time. “A lot of it started, frankly, with me telling my own body hair stories — which has been such a quiet, taboo, uncomfortable space,” Allie Melnick, the company’s general manager, tells MAKERS. “I was very open with the fact that I have body hair. It's not just under my arms. It's on my chin and I have a mustache.”

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Fashion brand sells sizes 00-40—hopes to create a new normal

Universal Standard wants clothing equality. That means everyone — from size 00 to 40 — should have access to a wide selection of chic and functional items that make them not only look fantastic but feel that way too. The company’s founders, Polina Veksler and Alex Waldman, use this charge to guide everything they do, whether that’s making blouses that don’t pucker for those wearing plus sizes or creating an inclusive e-commerce experience.

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AUrate: You set the gold bar, they strive to meet it

Sophie Kahn and Bouchra Ezzahraoui didn’t necessarily intend to start a fine jewelry company, but in 2015 that’s exactly what they did. After becoming friends while studying finance in graduate school at Princeton, the duo decided to create something they were always searching for: a line of fine jewelry that was relatively affordable, high enough quality to wear every day and modern enough to feel chic and powerful. With that, AUrate was born.

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