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Game Day
Party Essentials

Essentials for a Super Bowl party

If you're hosting the party this year, we're here to help you check off everything on your party must-haves list. Whether you are looking to upgrade your TV, or just need a few decor ideas, we have got you covered with a list of over 15 must-haves that you are going to want to have at the ready on game day. For us, the most important items would have to be a blender (margs, anyone?), a generously filled cheeseboard and a fun instant film camera to capture it all.

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Tailgate Snacks

Kansas City Chiefs fans will love this decked out Crock-Pot

The Kansas City Chiefs are officially going to the Super Bowl! The last time the Chiefs played in the Super Bowl was 1970, where they beat the Minnesota Vikings 23 to 7. To celebrate the already big victory on Feb. 2, Chiefs' fans will throw a party, and real fans will go all out with a Kansas City Chiefs Crock-Pot. That's right, you can get a slow cooker that's decked out with the team's logo.

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Team Spirit
Where to Watch
Sceptre 75
$649.99 $1,799.99

Google Chromecast 3rd Gen





$497.99 $799.99

Xbox Game Pass


$9.99 (per month)

Target shoppers are blown away by this sound bar

When it comes to watching the game, achieving the best sound quality is always the top task at hand. Since no one likes to strain to hear what's happening on the screen, the best option to avoid this conundrum is to add a sound bar into the mix. The unfortunate reality for most, however, is that the top-rated options in this category tend to cost upwards of $150, but there's one customer favorite that checks all the boxes — and it retails for only $69.99.

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Super Bowl Week-Yahoo! Shopping