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New Year, New You-Yahoo! Shopping New Year, New You-Yahoo! Shopping
New Year Inspiration
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These planners on Amazon will inspire you to be productive

If you’re trying to get more organized and want a head start on the new year, a day planner can be incredibly helpful. If you’ve already been searching and haven’t found the right one yet, Amazon has a bunch of different options that are super creative and inspirational.

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These adjustable dumbbells are perfect for a home gym

The Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Weights are exactly what they sound like—dumbbells that allow you to pick how heavy they are. Thanks to an easy-to-use dial, these weights can weigh between 5 pounds and 52.5 pounds. They are pretty much like having 15 sets of weights in one.

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20 Ways To Be A Happier Person In 2020

Looking to make 2020 your happiest, most fulfilling year yet? If your mental and emotional wellness took a backseat in 2019, there’s no better time than right now to prioritize it. (If anything, it’ll make the election year just mildly more bearable.) Your mood affects everything in your life ─ your relationships, your work, your self-care ─ so improving it should be at the top of your goal list.

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Beauty products we're already adding to our list in 2020

This year, the beauty industry experienced a lot of game-changers. From hybrid products to an abundance of lip kits, let’s just say there were many breakthrough moments in skincare and makeup. While it’s easy to reminisce on how amazing this year was for beauty, it’s totally understandable to already be creating a list of must-haves for 2020.

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Travel Bottles

Travel Pillow



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Delsey Carry-On


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Away released the travel purse of your dreams

The Away Latitude Tote and the Away Longitude Tote are the stylish travel purses we've been waiting for. Though they’re made with unlined Italian leather with that signature sleek Away look, what makes these travel totes truly unique is the band on that back that’s the equivalent of a “pass-through pocket” so these carry-on totes can attach to your suitcase for perfectly streamlined travel. The strap can also be removed so you can easily use it between trips as a commuter tote or everyday purse.

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New Year, New You-Yahoo! Shopping