Learning in Higher Education: Teaching and Learning Innovations in Higher Education (Paperback)
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This book showcases transformative, theory-informed innovations in teaching and learning in higher education. It presents a brand new, unique perspective on innovation in Higher Education – the Learning-centred Five-tier Model of Innovation – which guides educators in their innovation of teaching and learning products, processes, or services. A distinguishing feature of the book is the linkage to the Five-tier Model of Innovation that explicitly relates to three learning paradigms: 1) instructivism; 2) cognitivism, and 3) constructivism. In each chapter, authors situate their teaching and learning innovations in one of the three learning paradigms. The book holds 21 inspiring cases showing learning-centred product-, process-, or service-innovations within five focus areas: 1) Learning Space Design; 2) e-learning; 3) Case-Methodology, Business Practice and Fieldwork; 4) Creative Methodologies; and 5) Reflective Methodologies. Cases for the book have been selected because of their novel methodologies, their explicit learning perspectives, and their positive effects on student learning and student engagement. The book features diverse disciplines in a wide range of international cont



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