Along the Way: Thoughts on Love, Loss, and Caregiving (Paperback)
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What makes a caregiver? It's a question with many different answers. As a nurse, I've been a caregiver to my patients for more than thirty years. That's obvious. I've also been a caregiver as a daughter, sister, aunt, friend, and volunteer. Almost everyone I know has been a caregiver in some capacity, but many would not consider themselves as such. Paid or unpaid, male or female, part-time or fulltime, family or friend, willingly or begrudgingly, in person or long distance. If you give of yourself for the betterment of another, you are a caregiver. Along the Way explores the complex relationship between love, loss and caregiving. The precious moments of beauty found in a sea of pain, the laughter that makes it possible to keep going, the lessons found in unexpected places, and the memories and rituals that bring comfort. When faced with challenges that seem both unfair and insurmountable, when grieving and alone, it is these small moments that make all the difference. Rest assured, they will come.



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