The Age-Proof Brain : New Strategies to Improve Memory, Protect Immunity, and Fight Off Dementia (Hardcover)
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“An absolutely fabulous, invaluable read!” —Dr. James B. Maas, Weiss Presidential Fellow, former professor and chair of psychology, Cornell University “A wonderful, life-changing book.” —Brian Tracy, international bestselling author of Eat That Frog! Serious mental decline is not an inevitable part of aging. You can boost your short and long-term brain health and significantly lower the risk of dementia—if the right steps are taken now. When it comes to keeping your brain in tip-top shape, you aren’t limited to crossword puzzles, brain games, and Sudoku. The keys to keeping your mind sharp are already in your hands: 11 simple but powerful lifestyle factors often have a greater impact on our health than our genetics. In The Age-Proof Brain, scientist and popular speaker Dr. Marc Milstein’s shares “complex science in simple (and often humorous) examples, case histories, and ‘how-to’ guidelines that are guaranteed to change your life.” (Dr. James B. Mass) This book reveals the secrets to improving brain function, which lie in the brain's surprising connection with the rest of the body. Debunking common misinformation, Dr. Milstein offers new, breakthrough science-supported strategies to: Improve memory and productivity Increase energy and boost your mood Reduce the risk of anxiety and depression Form healthy habits to supercharge your brain Prevent non-genetic Alzheimer’s and dementia Dr. Milstein arms you with knowledge about common and often overlooked issues that prematurely age the brain (including the surprising truth about what doctors previously got wrong about Alzheimer's and dementia), and shares a seven-day challenge to help you jumpstart new brain-healthy habits. The Age-Proof Brain that will equip you with the tools you need to ensure that you’re living a happier and more fulfilling life—today, tomorrow, and well into your future.



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