Best Revenge: Emerge : The Opening of the Human Heart to the Power of Love (Series #2) (Paperback)
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This compelling story, based on true events, is written from the victim's point of view and depicts how manipulation, intimidation, and cruelty of violence against women can be devastating and lasting. This is the second in the three-book, national award-winning The Best Revenge Series. Ten years after the murder of her friend Lacey Lockhart, Lisette LaTour revisits the college town where Lacey was shot and killed by her ex-boyfriend, Ari. Surprised by the changes in the campus and how well Lacey’s friends are doing, Lisette feels lost in her own life. No longer dancing under the name of Attila the Hunny and adrift as to her career goals, she longs to connect with something bigger and deeper in her life. But when Ambrose, the angry, homeless man from a decade ago, finds her and proposes a scheme, she senses danger. Yet she can’t help wanting to open up to feelings she hasn’t experienced since her mother Marie’s death when she was a child. Can Lisette risk everything to find the unconditional love she has always wanted or is that too much to ask? This inspirational story shows how anyone can triumph if they have forgiveness, courage, and strength.



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