Adventures of MS Addie Pants, Book 4: Off To School : A Children's Picture Book About Overcoming Bullying (Series #4) (Hardcover)
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This fourth picture book continues the true story in the best selling series; The Adventures of Ms Addie Pants. Addie gets ready for her first day at school and quickly learns that not every dog is nice. In fact, it is the opposite. Addie starts her adventure by getting on the school bus where she begins to learn how to trust and love who she is despite the bullies and the exclusions. When Addie feels she is never going to do well in school her best friend comes to the rescue to remind Addie that she is smart and a very good friend With each adventure building with intensity, Addie learns about trusting herself, family, and friends. She almost gave up but was able to overcome all obstacles. Off to School is perfect for every child who is learning to love oneself no matter what! Learning to trust and love oneself when faced with bullies is not always easy. But Ms Addie Pants seems to have the most difficult time with this task! Will Addie ever learn to believe in herself? Will Addie be able to make her own decisions? Will Addie overcome a huge obstacle based on the love of friends an herself? Find out in book 4 Off To School



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