Mensa(r) Brilliant Brain Workouts: Mensa(r) Aarp(r) Challenging Brain Twisters : 100 Logic and Number Puzzles (Paperback)
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Challenge yourself and excite your brain with this entertaining collection of new puzzles created in partnership with American Mensa and the AARP (American Association of Retired People). Young or old, your brain is essential to everything you do. You owe it to yourself not just to stay physically fit, but to stay mentally fit, too! This book of logic and number puzzles will help you do just that. A collaboration between Mensa and AARP, it is packed with brain teasers to exercise your mind and keep yourself sharp. Whether you are looking to practice your critical thinking skills or you just want to keep your mind sharp, these puzzles will provide a short workout for your cognitive lobes. In the end, you’ll have given your mind a problem-solving workout—and you’ll have had fun in the process. Challenge yourself and help keep your mind sharp with these brain-bending games and puzzles.



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