From Alzheimer's with Love : A Remarkable Journey of Healing Through the Grace of Jesus (Paperback)
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Outsmart the Brain. Go for the Heart. Marc's mother was exhausted by the time her husband reached his third year of Alzheimer's disease. Marc comes to Orlando from Tulsa for the week of Thanksgiving. His mother asks him to stay. From Alzheimer's, with Love is the true life story of a 6-month journey from deterioration to restoration from this devastating disease. As Marc follows his vision from Jesus, he discovers new ways to outsmart Alzheimer's by going for the heart. Marc enables his dad to get back in touch with himself through interactive physical exercise, guided visualization, and narrative storytelling. Find freedom for your loved one by taking this life-giving journey. Discover how Marc developed a system to help his father escape the prison of his own isolation and reconnect with his wife and son. In this story, you will take an intimate walk through the daily struggles of helping to restore connection with victims of Alzheimer's disease.



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