Irene Inevent 1.22M Hand Type Kayak Sailboat Rowing Boat Bungee Dock Line Outdoor Wharf Motorboat Drifting Mooring Flexible Rope Boats Black Red Blue
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Convenience: As the mooring ropes is small and lightweight, so it can be easily taken to the places that needs it. Protection: The bungee dock line is made with good quality polythene so that it can provide better cushioning effect. Adjustable: At each side of the rope there are two PVC adjustable pipes for us to tighten or loosen it. Foam Pipes: The dock lines are equipped with latex foam pipes so that it will protect the body part of the ship from scratching. Fits Occasions: The mooring rope can be used for outdoor ships, wharf, pontoon motorboat, drifting and many others.



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