Visions of God: A New Look at the Nature of God (Paperback)
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Visions of God is a search for a meaning of God that is in accord with scientific knowledge and yet inspires modern people to seek truth, justice, mercy, and love for all men everywhere. Combining the knowledge and skills of theology and law it critically reviews and logically analyzes views of the nature of God as found in stories of people in the Bible. It begins with the myth of Adam who walked and talked with God, continues to trace the development of the idea of God in the stories of Moses, Jesus, and others, and concludes with the statements by one of the followers of Jesus who said, "God is light" (truth) and "God is love." The message is: it is not necessary to believe in God as an external being or person that exists somewhere in the universe separate from humans. "God is spirit" said Jesus. God cannot be found in any location, not even in temples, churches, or mosques. Our God is within us. God is our vision. When we live in the spirit of truth and love our vision is a loving world with justice and peace for all people. When inspired by the search for truth and the practice of love we find a satisfying and successful life for ourselves and contribute to a just and peaceful life for others.



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