Joe and the Halloween Mystery (Paperback)
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A thousand years after a dark event that altered history, Joe wakes from a nightmare on Halloween. Joe isnt an average guy. He has the fighting skills of a Samurai along with a divine sword that protects him from evil forces. As a dedicated follower of God, he knows Satan is out to get him, so he readies himself for a battle that will echo through eternity. Living in Beverly Hills, California, Joe is used to strange things, but nothing prepares him for zombies, witches, and vampires. He finds unexpected allies in knights and military heroesbut the final battle is Joes alone as he uncovers an ancient Halloween mystery. Thankfully, he has Herbie, his devoted parrot, to keep him company. Joe and the Halloween Mystery is an exciting story of good versus evil. Brave Joe goes on an action packed, spiritual journey as he searches for his own happy ending. First, though, he must go up against the spooky creatures of a haunted night and fight deadly demons. Join Joe on his adrenaline-pumping path of honor, romance, and dangerous battles.



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