I'M A Christian On My Way To Hell (Paperback)
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Danielle has always believed that being a good person guaranteed her success in life and causes God to smile down on her. She feels that she doesn't need to have a personal relationship with God because her family is rich and God is only for the poor. The twisted paths Danielle winds up taking will have her calling on the God she didn't think she would ever need. Cynthia spent years in the foster care system being abused and molested by those who where supposed to care for her. 'Do what thou wilt, ' is practiced in every aspect of Cynthia's life. Serving a God who has so many laws and 'do not's never interested her. It's no secret that Cynthia is in in love/lust with her best friend. When she finally gets what she wants she ends up paying a great price for it. Regina has spent the majority of her life living under the expecttions of others, her parents'. No matter what she attempts to do in life she never completes it because she sabotages herself by believing she won't be successful at anything she puts her hands to. Like most insecure people Regina turns to drugs. At first it was marijuana and then, after one too many rejections she hooks back up with her long lost ex, Tommy who reintroduces her to heroin and makes her his prisoner in his dead mother's house Lisa spent most of her life running from her calling until she contemplated suicide sitting alone in a dark room. Since that night she has given her life completely to the Lord and she has never looked back. Lisa is a friend that anyone in their right mind would want in their lives. She's straight to the point about whatever's on her mind and when it comes to tough love she can deliver.



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