The Good Financial Advisor
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The Good Financial Advisor Nearly everyone dreams of achieving financial independence, the culmination of wealth accumulation that allows us to work because we want to, not because we have to. And everyone deserves a chance to realize their dreams. You can attempt to reach financial independence on your own, a difficult but doable task, filled with rewards when successfully completed. Or, you can choose to use the services of a competent, experienced and ethical professional, a person I call the Good Financial Advisor, who can be your guide on the journey. This book is written for those who want to use the services of the Good Financial Advisor, but need help in finding and working with the right person. If you are ready to find your Good Financial Advisor and begin the journey to financial independence, read on and prepare for a change in your life. With this book, you will now have the ability to understand the world of financial services and financial advisors in order to achieve the goals important to you. A wonderful and financially secure future awaits you. Dennis L. Morin is a Certified Financial Planner(R) who runs his own financial services business in CT. He has over 20 years experience in finance and investing, and spent ten years in corporate finance prior to starting his own business. The financial planning profession is his passion.



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