Love Again : A Spiritual Memoir (Paperback)
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LOVE AGAIN is one man's journey and everyone's story. Beautifully conceived and deeply compassionate, Patrick D. Shaffer's literary debut chronicles his painful journey from a devastating loss of love toward ultimate spiritual and emotional freedom. Told with rare emotional honesty, Love Again is written with a refreshing blend of candor, humor and tenderness. Brave in its literary expression, every reader is allowed to peer directly into the author's soul. Love Again dares to express what most men feel, but fear to say - and what every woman longs to hear. Love Again challenges preconceived notions about the depth of masculine emotion while paving a pathway to self-recovery and healing for everyone who reads it. Love Again is co-written by New York Times bestselling author Sylvester Monroe. Patrick D'Anzel Shaffer is a writer and sacred activist. He fuses together a profound cultural sensitivity with a passion for progressive leadership. He has been profiled in the July '09 issue of Essence magazine, and the cover of April '08 Being Single magazine. He and his work have appeared on CNN, MSMNC's The Grio, The Root, the Washington Post's On Faith section; and The Huffington Post. Patrick lives in Chicago, IL.



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