Foundation to Sustainable Success : A Conscious Guide to Mastering the Mortgage Business
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"Sustainability in the mortgage industry is about having a consistent, reliable stream of business and subsequent income regardless of what is happening around you." Kelly Resendez How would you like to wake up each morning free from worry - confident that all the pieces are in place for your continued success? How would you like to create a business you love and find joy doing it? The potential for greatness is in all of us but too often we settle for mediocrity. Foundation to Sustainable Success explores the critical changes you need to make to succeed in the mortgage origination business on your own terms. Using wisdom from her career as a top producer and business coach, Kelly provides concrete frameworks and practical strategies that will take your business to the next level and keep it there. This is not your typical mortgage origination manual. The emphasis is on you - creating a success mindset, managing triggers, eliminating limiting beliefs and self-sabotage, and making a commitment to doing what needs to be done even when you don't feel like doing it. Through a mind, body, spirit approach Kelly will help you reinvent yourself and find joy in an industry that is full of stress and burn-out. Commit to practicing the invaluable tools and lessons within these pages and a sustainable career in this ever-changing, ever-challenging mortgage industry can be yours.



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