Irene Inevent Keep Diving DS-102 Dive Socks Velcro Snorkeling Underwater Shoes Men Women Skidproof Beach Lakeside Shoe Underwater Protector yellow【XL】
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Skidproof: The dive socks are designed under the principle of anti-slip dots that will enhance the ability underwater, which is more secure. Compatible: The dive shoes can be used in other situations besides diving such as walking beside the river or on the beach. Keep Warmth: The top of the sock is attached with hook and loop that can be better fastened and can keep the foot heat underwater. Fits People: The dive boots are generally suitable for those professional divers, but you can also use it at winter to keep warm. Safety: When the professional diver is underwater, the boot will protect their feet from many wound caused by animals, rocks and fishes possibly.



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