Make Simplicity Your Superpower! : Communication Hacks Every Financial Advisor Should Know (Paperback)
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Increase client satisfaction, convert more prospects, and earn more referrals when you implement these communication hacks that every financial advisor should know. Communication is often the key differentiator between a successful financial planning practice and an unsuccessful one. Many financial advisors make the common mistakes of mystifying their role in wealth management, overcomplicating investment information, and focusing more on their offerings than on their clients’ needs and wants. If you have ever seen your clients’ eyes glaze over when discussing their financial strategy, you know the pitfalls of not having a user-friendly approach to communicating financial information. If you want to increase your success as a financial advisor and provide the most value to your clients and prospects, it’s time to unleash your superpower… SIMPLICITY! In Make Simplicity Your Superpower!, Richard Dobson, CFP, shares a time-tested process for communicating with clients and prospects about sound financial planning that leverages the best practice—the superpower—of simplicity. The easy-to-follow steps, talking points, and illustrations will show you how to: Build rapport with current and prospective clients Understand clients’ needs and desires Translate complex financial concepts into digestible bits of information Present the relevant facts in a clear, concise way Support clients in taking control of their long-term financial success Simplicity in your communication with current and prospective clients is your competitive advantage over the competition. Leverage this superpower, and not only will you connect on a deeper level with your clients and prospects, but you will grow your clientele in the process. A special appendix features a list of communication failures that cause clients to tense up, tune out, and lose trust—and how financial advisors can instead put clients and prospects at ease.



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