Kakeibo - The Art and Science of Saving Money : Spacious Household Budgeting and Finances Journal with Wordcloud in Gold on Black Cover, Essential Tool for Money-Savvy People; Easy to Use, Helps You Save Efficiently.
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The Kakeibo journal for household budgeting is based on the Japanese system made popular by Motoko Hani, the first female journalist in Japan, in the early 20th century. Sometimes also spelt Kakebo, this journal is an essential tool for the money-savvy and is perfect for managing household finances. It is said that if you diligently maintain your kakeibo every day you can almost guarantee yourself savings. The Kakeibo is very simple to use, just record your income, bugget your expenses, set a goal for savings. Simple, but very effective. If you want more instructions just visit www.spicyjournals.com/kakeibo for detailed instructions. As you become used to recording all your expenses, you become much more more aware of your financial habits. This leads to improvements in spending habits and also helps you grow your savings. Using a actual physical notebook is much better than an App: writing down your expenses by hand really does give you a more tangible sense of how well you are managing your money. This notebook contains 186 pages ideally suited to planning, following up and reviewing your finances. The journal is undated, so you can start budgeting at any time of the year. The layout is easy on the eye with a light gray background. The notebook has a soft yet sturdy cover and is perfect bound so pages will not fall out. The spacious 8.5"x11" format means there is plenty of room for your information. Spacious 8.5"x11" format. 186 pages with simple llayout for managing your finances. Space to manage your finances for 12 months (undated, start whenever). Opaque Paper with a light gray background (very easy on the eyes). Soft, sturdy cover. Perfect bound so pages will not fall out. Part of the Kakeibo series with a wordcloud cover design by Word Art Designs. Our notebooks all have an art cover or inspirational cover. Other versions of this notebook are also available in a handy 5.9"x7.9" size notebook. To see our full range of notebooks and journals visit us at www.spicyjournals.com or click on the Amazon author link for Spicy Journals above.



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