A Miracle of Their Own : A Team, A Stunning Gold Medal and Newfound Dreams for American Girls (Hardcover)
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A Miracle of Their Own documents the birth of the greatest rivalry in sports: Canada vs. the United States in women’s ice hockey. Canada had claimed gold in every world championship prior to the first Olympic hockey tournament in Nagano, 1998. How the Americans flipped the script, claiming that inaugural gold medal, became the Miracle on Ice for U.S. women. Team Canada would not go without a fight, culminating in two brutal games with the Americans under the spotlight of Mount Olympus. How Team USA transformed its culture from tearful runners up to joyous gold medalists is detailed in every page of this historic tale. Learn how superstar Cammi Granato grew up playing full-contact hockey with boys, making countless sacrifices to reach her golden dream. Capturing gold created a generation of new role models for American girls who could finally dream about skating in the Olympics – with a stick in their hands. Men’s hockey will always have its Miracle on Ice from Lake Placid, but U.S. women had their own golden moment in Nagano, 1998: A Miracle of Their Own. ,



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