Amazing Tips to Make You Smarter : Hundreds of Helpful, Fun Facts to Improve Your Life! (Paperback)
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Loaded with fun, offbeat trivia and Sandy Silverthorne's hilarious cartoons, this book will not only make you smarter but also much more fun to be around. After all, who wouldn't want to fall into a conversation with someone who knows... how long most Americans spend waiting at red lights in their lifetimes which two first-world countries still haven't signed a treaty to end World War II where the phrase "a blue moon" came from And just think how happy your friends will be when you share little-known but surprisingly helpful tips about sleeping well (a little peanut butter and/or honey on a piece of toast delivers a pleasant dose of tryptophan) or nailing that important job interview (try to schedule it at ten thirty on Tuesday morning). A collection of fun facts sure to make you smarter and your life more enjoyable!



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