63 Tactics for Teaching Diverse Learners : Grades 6-12 (Paperback)
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This collection of evidence-based instructional strategies enables general and special education teachers, novice or experienced, to address the learning needs of all students in diverse, inclusive classrooms. The authors provide a practical, research-based teaching model that focuses on planning, managing, delivering, and evaluating instruction for middle and secondary students with or without disabilities. Readers will find: Descriptions of how to teach students with different learning styles and needs Specific instructions for using each tactic, with helpful comments from practicing teachers and literature resources A wealth of reproducible worksheets Help for choosing appropriate strategies for specific subject areas, grade ranges, or learning difficulties Information to help teachers comply with federal mandates such as NCLB and the reauthorization of IDEA 2004 63 Tactics for Teaching Diverse Learners: Grades 6–12 allows teachers to match specific needs with an easily accessible set of solutions and enable all learners to achieve success in the classroom.



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