You Matter : A Collection of Statusesvolume 1 (Paperback)
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William Macanack is a well-known and well-connected YouTuber and Inspirational Quote Writer, helping people spread messages that change lives, encouraging them to chase after their goals in life! William an author, actor, writer, director and video editor! William shares his story through original inspirational Tweets and Facebook posts on his profile. He believes that everyone is important, and their story is too. This book, You Matter is an inspirational memoir written by William, and is full of hilarious and personal stories covering the 23 years of William's life so far. If he just makes one person laugh, that makes everyone's day so much better! Through inspirational quotes that he writes daily, he hopes to brighten someones day and give them peace of mind. Most people go through there entire life never hearing that they matter. In this book, William shows by example that you can do everything you can to show others that they matter and that they're important! You never know the good that can make someones day better by just a simple genuine compliment, showing them you earnestly care about them. Being there for people can sometimes be hard, but in the end you might just make an amazing friend in the process. Every great person has to be inspired in order to inspire others! We trust that this book will truly be an inspiration to YOU! #YouMatter Please enjoy these memoirs and inspirational statuses. "Believe in yourself even when you don’t think you will achieve anything and yourattitude will make the world’s impact on your life a more plentiful result. Earth isnot a destination, it is just the car ride.” - William Macanack



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